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Green Staging

Home Staging, A Green Approach 




My home staging practice is focused on environmental sustainability. There are many ways in which I consult and design that do not pollute your home or put added waste in our landfills.


Because many staging projects consist of unused rooms in homes, I utilize creative techniques to showcase the space. 




Unlike many green updates that can be added in your home, green staging saves the homeowner money.


  • I use reuse props in my inventory so you don't have to buy new things that you may not want in your new home.
  • I create props from recycling materials from partnerships with other local businesses.
  • I recycle old and worn out props by donating them.



When staging your home, green practices are always used for no additional charge, some include:

  • Environmentally friendly cleaning products
  • Repurposing items in the home
  • Recycling
  • Conservation of water and electricity while in your home





Benefits of green staging


The main benefit to green staging is to save you money! Beyond that, green staging practices create a healthy environment in your home as well as designing an appealing space that showcases your homes best features. Sustainable staging opens the doors to positive changes in the way you live.





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