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Staged to sell interview


Getting to Know the Staged to Sell Contestants - Mico Smith

March 8, 2010, 5:09 pm

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Mico Smith


Metamorphing Interiors




Phone Number: 720-810-9429




Facebook Link:!/mico.smith?ref=profile


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What inspired you to become a staging professional?

I have always been a creative and thrifty person and after having my daughter, I wanted a business that allowed me to be home more with my family and also utilize my college degree in visual merchandising. Becoming certified as a stager offered a seamless crossover from my corporate job of setting up retail stores and window displays to redesigning people's homes.


What do you love about your job?

I love that I get to do something different everyday and that I can help and inspire people. It's very rewarding to be able to validate homeowner's things and give them new appreciation for their belongings.


Do you have a favorite experience that you could share with us?

My favorite experience is a redesign project I did for a mom who wanted her daughters bedroom redesigned to give her a "teenage" room. The project was a surprise for the teen girl and when we revealed her new room, she was at a loss for words! To this day, the family continues to ask for my design advice and we've built a great friendship over decorating.


What about a least favorite - any horror stories?

My least favorite story is actually my own fault. I was given an amazing level tool to easily hang artwork during my staging certification course and when I first started using it I always thought the level was wrong. During a staging in a newly built model home, I was convinced my level tool was not level and I ended up making a dozen holes in the wall of this beautiful, brand new model home, just to hang one picture... I have since learned to trust my level and we've come to be best friends now!


What is your favorite type of house to stage?

I love working with open floor plans. There are so many options when you're not bound by walls and doors. Furniture can make really interesting configurations and can be used to create separation of spaces for eating, living, reading, anything really!


What sets you apart from the competition?

I keep my prices and fees fair so all my clients can have staging as an option in their homes. I also like to focus on being green, not only because I reuse what people have in their homes, but I offer a green consultation to my clients. There are so many simple things you can do in your home that are better for our environment.


What is your favorite Colorado restaurant?

Tokyo Joes


What is the last movie that you watched?

The Hangover, it's great for a few laughs, and Vegas is one of my favorite places for a quick weekend away from everyday life.


What is playing in your ipod right now?

U2, its easy music that doesn't distract me from my work.


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