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Real Estate Staging in Aurora Colorado

Home Staging


Once a home is on the market, sellers often complain that is no longer feels like their own. While many homeowners have to live in their listed home, they do not have to feel displaced. Nothing is worse than feeling like you are living in a hotel or a museum for weeks or even months until your home sells. Real Estate Staging can be accomplished for families of any size with minimal Maintenance.



Although, Real Estate Staging is about displaying a product, more is actually less. It is essential that stagers are respectful of the space. Staging aims to maintain the home's basic style while emphasizing the home's positive attributes and minimizing any negative features. Buyers tend to fall in love with houses that they can quickly envision themselves living in. This is accomplished by "editing" or "depersonalizing" rooms as well as re-arranging furniture and accessories to optimize space and showcase architectural beauty within your home. 



Metamorphing Interiors Real Estate Staging practices are based on environmental sustainability. I focus on implementing design techniques that do not pollute your home or put added waste into our landfills. Please click here for more information on sustainable home staging




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